District 43 Parent Advisory Council

Mission Statement

Here to inspire parents, families and caregivers to get involved, learn about our education system, and work as partners to create great schools and success for ALL children!

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DPAC43 represents all parents, guardians and caregivers in our community; and that means their diversity, inclusivity, and rights. Our goal is to strengthen the platform of our community with acknowledgement, acceptance and understanding. These pillars will guide our children to fulfill their roles as outstanding individuals and be a unity of support to their peers.

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PAC Fundraising using Films…

The district has re-licensed all schools with ACF, a company representing motion picture studios, to ensure that schools are legally covered for any use of feature length films until October 31, 2023. The intent is to provide security to schools, and to the district.

Register your PAC

Please remember to register your school with DPAC to vote on decisions at general meetings, give the DPAC direction on issues to advocate on your school’s behalf, and represent your parent voice.

The BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) is the provincial voice of parents. For more information and registration, visit the BCCPAC website.

Parent Presentations

You can find all documents and presentations from the current school year on our Documents page. We also have Meeting documents and Newsletters from as far back as September 2021. If there are any documents you can’t find please let us know.