Fundraising Using Feature Length Films

District License

SD43 has a district-wide license with ACF. PACs should contact their admin and choose movies from studios represented by ACF to take advantage of the district license.

Link to ACF-represented studio list:

Not-for-profit fundraising may occur within an indoor setting, on school premises, to raise funds for school-related purposes. Presentations must be for the general school community and not open to the general public. Advertising must be non-commercial in nature and restricted to school-related media (newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Acquiring Films

Films must be legally obtained copies. This includes copies from public libraries, retail stores, etc. PACs can also use movies available on the ACF Streaming Service at (access available on school premises only).

Pre-Release Films

Further, under the license, schools/PACs are also entitled to one free rental (plus transportation, handling charges, encryption, and taxes) of a pre-release title from ACF.

Instructions and conditions pertaining to the rental of pre-release titles:

  1. Available titles are listed at & partner studios at
    Note: the film rating system used on the ACF website is the Régie du cinéma (Quebec). This is the most lenient ratings system in Canada. Use Common Sense Media as a resource to review the film and rating.
  2. Booking requests must be sent via email to and must contain: the contact information for the school; the name of the person handling the request; the title of the film; and the presentation date.
  3. All bookings must be confirmed with a booking confirmation. If you have not received an answer within 1-2 business days, please resend the email or phone 1-800-289-8887.
  4. All requests should be sent at least three weeks prior to your preferred performance date.
  5. Shipping and handling charges and taxes apply for all shipments. Schools and/or PACs that order pre-releases must pay with a credit card.
  6. Quantities permitting, posters may be sent free of charge.
  7. All copies should be delivered at least two to three days prior to the performance date. Please contact ACF if this is not the case.
  8. All copies should be checked and played at least once through your system.
  9. All copies must be returned to ACF immediately after the presentation.

The district will not be responsible for any non-payment or issue with the requested pre-releases, etc. and will not be responsible for any lost/stolen or misplaced DVDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do if I want to show a motion picture for entertainment or non-educational purposes?

Visit the ACF Streaming Service (access available on school premises only) to choose a motion picture. From school premises, a password is not required for access to the ACF Streaming Service.

What if the movie I want to show is not on the ACF Streaming Service?

Schools and/or PACs can obtain DVDs/Blu-Rays from stores or public libraries, etc. Movies shown must be from ACF represented studios. Click here to see an alphabetical list of all distributors and producers covered by ACF.

Can I use Netflix, iTunes, Crave, Disney+ etc.?

No – showing movies from subscription services in schools is governed by the terms of the agreement between the
subscriber and the subscription service. If the agreement provides that use is limited to “personal” or “household” use,
school use is not permitted.

Do I need to order films from ACF?

No – you do not. You can show films from the ACF Streaming Service (available on school premises only) or obtain
DVDs/Blu-Rays from stores or public libraries, etc.
If you wish to show a DVD that is not out yet, then your only option is to rent this pre-released film from ACF for a fee.

Please see the previous page for step-by-step instructions for renting pre-release films from ACF.

Can I host a virtual movie night over Teams?

No – performances must be indoors on physical school premises.

Can I invite the public to a movie presentation if I make the performance free?

No – movie presentations may not be open to the general public. The license allows for presentations for the general
school community i.e., teachers, students, parents and siblings.

Other questions…

For more information or any questions, please contact Heather Daly, Coordinator, STEAM and Resource Innovation, School District #43 (Coquitlam) at