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A few months ago, the DPAC hosted two parent feedback and focus group discussions with parents from the District regarding the use Educational Assistants in our schools.  These events were very well attended by parents and the information that parents provided during these two evenings was passed along to the district and was incorporated into the final report.
The following excerpt from the report outlines the purpose and scope of the inquiry and the resulting report:
“The purpose of the Inquiry was to reflect on current practice with a view to establish future directions by seeking input from staff and stakeholders regarding needs and future directions with respect to the allocation, deployment and role and function of educational assistants within the current service delivery model.
The outcome of the Report was to identify broad recommendations for implementation as well as commendations on what were deemed to be current exemplary practices. In total these recommendations would identify a model for the allocation, deployment and role and function of EAs within the current service delivery system. In identifying future directions, the Consultants’ assumption is that they are working within a status quo budget for the foreseeable future.”
If you are interested in reading the entire report, please follow the link below.
Educational Assistant Report Link